About Us & Our Mission
There’s a certain magic to what we do at Brewsy. We’re looking for amazing people to help us grow the magic of the most incredible movement in fermented CPG history. And now that we’re VC-backed, we’re taking it to the next level.

At Brewsy, we design & develop systems to democratize fermentation and allow anyone to craft their own incredible fermented beverages at home easily and socially. We launched with our easier-than-ever home winemaking system & social winemaking community last August and have eclipsed 25,000 customers in our first year – and we’re just getting started.

Here, we believe there’s no better way to understand and grow closer to the foods & drinks you put in your body than to make them yourself. And with Brewsy, consumers can skip the most common failings of the wine industry: preservatives, missing ingredient labels, unlabeled additives, artificial dyes, and animal products.

If you’re like us, these failings make you mad, too. We believe it’s time to (1) put the power back in the consumer’s hands and (2) foster incredible communities.

Armed with the power to craft their own wine, our winemakers are doing incredible things: transforming berry juices like cranberries and blackberries into wine, experimenting with flavor and carbonation, and even brewing mead from their own honey.

Now beginning our second year, we’re looking to grow both deeper into home winemaking and further beyond its reach: to hard seltzers made at home, hard ciders, hard kombucha, sake, and even water kefir.

If this sounds as exciting to you as it is to us, we’d love to consider you to join our incredible team.

  • Maternity + Paternity Leave

  • Health, Vision, and Dental Insurance ❤️

  • Monthly Learning Stipend 💡

  • Monthly Wellness Stipend

  • Unlimited Sick Leave

  • Optional Paid Relocation!